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A type of industrial machinery called a vertical mill is used to crush or grind material into small particles.

The coal hopper receives raw coal when raw coal is supplied. The raw coal enters the coal feeder through the valve.

By typically changing the speed of a conveyor belt that feeds coal into the mill, The coal feeder regulates the amount of coal received by the machine.

The mill’s rotating grinding table and rollers combine with crushing, grinding, and impact to pulverize the coal as it enters the machine.

Through the grind, air enters the machine, creating a fluidized bed of material. Fine particles of material are swept up by the air flow and discharged from the machine.

Coarse particles fall back to the grinding table for further grinding. The fine particles fly out of the mill with the airflow and are collected by the dust collector.

After that, coal become the fuel in boilers or kilns.

In general, a grinding table and rollers rotate at a controlled pace in a vertical coal mill to crush and grind coal into a fine powder. We inject air into the mill to create a fluidized bed of material. The airflow sweeps it up and out. Coarse particles fall off for more grinding. Afterwards, pulverized coal became a fuel in many industrial processes.

Citing the article source: https://www.ownsbmmachine.com/news/vertical-coal-mill-for-coal-grinding.html

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